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Elopement on Mt. Lemmon

This will go down in history as one of my favorite weddings, ever. Two wild and crazy kids decided to elope in the snow of Tucson's Mt. Lemmon, with only the photographer, officiant, and one witness. They rented a cabin in the snow and the rest is history. Major props to Taylor Mitchell Photography for such wonderfully enchanting photography!! Seriously, can she just hang around and photograph my entire life please??

Rusty and Koonz met while Rusty was traveling through Thailand. Koonz is from Bangkok, and from the way she tells it, it was love at first sight. Between going back and forth a couple of times to visit each other, Koonz decided to take the leap and move to Tucson to be with Rusty.

When I was doing Koonz's hair and makeup, she seemed just a tiny bit nervous. But Rusty came over just as we were finishing up, and the smile that lit both their faces seemed to banish all thought of nerves and replaced it with calmness and happiness.

Just as I was packing my things, Rusty asked if I could do his hair too. How adorable right? His hair had great texture, and amazing color, so I just put a small amount of pomade to play up the texture. So often I feel like the groom and groomsmen neglect their self care on the wedding day, but its just as important for men as it is for women! Men, you're going to be in all the photos and talking to all the same people that your bride is! I'm not saying wear makeup for the day (unless you want to. You do you!) but at least take a second and look in the mirror to fix the flyaways.

How cute are these two?? Their love for each other just jumps out at you from the photos.

Koonz wanted a relaxed, done yet un-done undo for her elopement and I could not have agreed more. With the style of her dress and the mood of the day, I think her hair was absolutely perfect.

Koonz's makeup we did a bit more on the natural side, focusing on perfecting her already gorgeous skin and using muted neutrals to accentuate her bouquet and antique fur stole.

How amazing was this day? I'm so happy to have been a part of their special day!!

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