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Kerri + Brett

When I got to Kerri and Brett's house to do Kerri's hair and makeup, it was immediately obvious that these new parents were incredibly sweet people, dedicated to following a Christian life. Kerri lovingly told me how they had met through friends while both studying at the University of Arizona, which is how my husband and I met! They had the sweetest baby boy who is just a few months younger than my son, and while Kerri was getting her hair and makeup done, Brett entertained and held him the entire time! These two are just so cute, and I'm so happy I had the opportunity to meet them! Please head over to Pure in Art to read about their Sweetheart Session and see more of the photoshoot!!

Kerri normally does not wear makeup, and wanted to make sure that she still looked like herself so we made sure that she looked very natural! And she has gorgeous log hair, so we wanted to keep it down. But for a little extra pizazz we threw in a waterfall braid!!

How cute are they??

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