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Mother Son

My son will be one year old on October 9th. It seems like yesterday we found out that we were expecting, and then found out it would be a boy. I didn't know what to do with a boy! I'm a girly girl who obviously loves hair, makeup, and all traditionally 'girly' things! But now, looking back, I can't imagine having any other soul besides my Asher. He is the sun in my universe, and my entire being revolves around Himself. I don't mean that blasphemously or anything. I mean, you can see by the photos how magnetic this little boy is. His eyes can stare through your soul, and his smile can make your day. I'm a lucky mom.

Kring Fernando of kring photography was kind enough to take photos of my son and I just chilling in the desert, fairly close to our house. As sunset approached, the monsoon calmed down slightly and the rain let off just long enough for our shoot. The rain clouds hung in the sky above us and served as our own personal moody lighting, which was fitting since Asher has been teething constantly for months now. We were totally comfortable with Kring, and she somehow managed to capture my son's personality in only about 15 minutes of shooting. I had a really, really hard time choosing favorite photos.

Amazing right?? All photos by kring fotography.

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